We offer a range of solutions to ensure our clients have the most efficient equipment on site.

Providing a full service from Design through to Installation and Maintenance we can offer support at every step of the way offering a cost effective, time efficient solution by dealing with one supplier.

HV/LV Package Substations
LVAC Switchboards
National Grid LVAC Switchboards

Fully compliant with BS EN 61439-1

Available from 800A – 6300A

ASTA certified heat rise performance and ASTA certified short circuit ratings available up to 100kA/1 sec

All Forms of Separation available up to Form 4 Type 7

100% and 200% neutral busbar options

Seismically tested and certified

Components from all leading manufacturers in fixed, withdrawable or plug-in configurations

LVAC Generator Connection Units

400A to 3200A.

13A socket outlet, heater and thermostat.

Eliminates trailing cable hazards around the switch room.

Forced sequential safe connection of generator.

Designed for outdoor use.

Convenient height for plugging operations.

Lockable overall door.

LVAC Auto Changeover Units

Automatic transfer switching equipment that include a fully integrated ATS controller.

These products are self powered from incoming supplies: 230 VAC (176-288 VAC), 50/60 Hz (45/65Hz).


Control Panels

Site Services including Delivery Installation and Commissioning

Retro-Fitting of obsolete products with modern switchgear

Smart Panel Metering

Final Distribution

Panelboards designed, manufactured and to BS EN 61439-1

Panelboards available from 250 Amps – 1600 Amps

Forms of separation from Form 3B Type 2 standard, Form 4 Type 2 & 6 also available.

Short circuit withstand 36 or 50 KA for .5 or 1s

Distribution Boards designed, manufactured and tested to BS EN 61439-3

Distribution boards available upto 250Amps

Metering and split metering available.