Working with Gateshead Council on the New HEIGHT project

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6th August 2018

Northern Switchgear  are looking forward to working with Gateshead Council on the new HEIGHTS project; High rise Energy Infrastructure for Gateshead Housing Tenants. The project is being funded by the Council, supported by a £4.5 million grant from the European Regional Development Fund. The task at hand for Northern Switchgear will be to install energy efficiency and generation measures for 600 high rise social housing units, which will improve housing stock condition as well as deliver lower carbon lower cost energy.

This will benefit the residents as well as the environment. Going forward £20 million will be invested in the Gateshead HEIGHTs project and Gateshead Council are now looking at further expanding the District Energy and Energy Services at other locations across Gateshead, linking in to existing buildings, as well as new developments.